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What We Do, How we teach

Kids learn far more effectively when it’s about something they love. GameTan instigates excitement from a common ground that kids are already naturally drawn to: video games. And from that seed, we show how many experiential skills can be harnessed and developed through collaborative play.

Our key focus is on developing soft skills that will enhance children’s ability to work with other people and on how to think and grow for themselves. Typical workshops include team working and communication as well as mindset and resilience.

As an example, a typical workshop would follow a like this:

We invite the kids to play a collaborative game with a specific mission. Teacher will observe their behavious during this session. Playing games often increases childrens confidence and encourages group interactions, so these can be interesting.

Play is paused and we put together a Presentation about the topic for the day (such as communication), and instigate discussion with the the students inviting them to discuss how they may or may not have been doing this effectively during their mission. Then discover different ways of improving and problem solving in the future.

Students are invited to play again, but this time paying particular attention to the workshop content and seeing if they can utilise their new learning to effect immediately.

Our Mission

We work with many New Zealand youth groups, and have a particular focus on within the Maori and Pasifika communities. Our mission is educate and inspire as many students as possible; helping them realise that high-paid and tech careers are very achievable.

Our Events

GameTan host regular local workshops and events that are free to attend a typically last 1-2 hours. Check out our fun, dynamic and engaging hands-on workshops for all ages. Events host 20-50 people, are typically fill our fast. So book online now.


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