About Us

It all began with a dream. A dream to hold fun and exciting video gaming events. Now it's more than that.

It's about bringing unity to the New Zealand gaming community and providing prosperous career pathways for our people in STEAM through their passion in gaming.

Why sun tan, when you can GameTan.


Our Mission

To excite our Maori, Pasifika and indegenous people into the tech industry through the fun and engaging experience of gaming!

Our workshops and events must be fun, exciting, engaging, educational and must have food.

Education isn't a one size fits all process. We all learn differently and we teach through the fun of video games!

Our Vision

To give New Zealanders prosperous opportunities and career pathways to do what they're passionate about in

gaming and STEAM.

To place New Zealand as a world leader in the video gaming industry, organizing and hosting the biggest video gaming events the world has ever seen, the E3 of the

Southern Hemisphere.

Feel free to donate for the cause

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